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AcademivIcon00_aboutus.jpg Inovies Consulting Pvt Ltd (henceforth also called 'we', 'us', 'our', 'the company') is a leading IT and Data center Solutions provider. Our main focus was to provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution to clients in areas such as IT Infrastructure, Data center, Facilities, software applications and power and energy solutions. Since then the business has grown to include Automated Managed Services (AMS), cloud computing, solar-powered equipment and customized software development.

Despite the diversity and reach, we continue to have the ardent start-up zeal to improve our customers' environment and business. While taking up a project, we first spend time to understand and analyze the customer requirements and then use our expertise to devise a reliable solution to preserve the clients' investment and meet all kinds of present and future needs. Our customers can rely on us for a scalable, optimized, energy-efficient data center, facility, IT infrastructure or any product or service deployment. They would have peace of mind, knowing that they own a reliable environment and stand to enjoy the benefits for several years to come.

Inovies Consulting Pvt Ltd has implemented several data centers and IT infrastructure that requires a deep understanding of the long-term user needs, sizing, architecture, selecting the right products and implementation. We also understand that it is almost impossible to forecast future workloads. Hence we aim to architect a scalable solution, dynamic enough to meet varying application loads. We have the requisite expertise to help customers devise a plan and work out a low-cost environment-friendly solution. All our power solutions are based on green technology, and these environment-friendly products can be implemented immediately or can be planned for the future as per clients need.

In today's demanding and unpredictable environment, it's of critical value to have the ability to meet all kinds of unforeseen demand spikes, while managing the business or meeting the 24/7 support needs or getting protection from cyber-threats and malware. Our 24-hour NOC in Hyderabad, security emergency response team backed by our strong alliances with more than 50 OEMs for IT and datacenter equipment guarantee the client one point of contact for all IT and facilities needs.

Over the last 20 years, we have consistently delivered groundbreaking technologies and capabilities for our customers' businesses. We partner with global OEMs and industry leaders to make sure that a client gets to use the industry's best solutions, services and products. Our goal is to help you accelerate and maximize the return on your IT infrastructure investments. As an IT company, we believe that we must the shoulder responsibility to help make our communities better, stronger, and more vibrant place to work and live.

You may call us at any time, whether you plan to buy or not, and we will help you with your software licensing questions. Our sales staff is very knowledgeable on the top brands of software and network architecture. Our goal is to make sure that you get the right solution the first time. We want to save your time and money and we know that initial consultations are part of this process.

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