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Soft Skills Lab

Academic Icon's Soft skills lab Objectives:

By the end of the soft skills training program, the students should be able to:

¤ Develop effective communication skills (spoken and written).

¤ Develop effective presentation skills.

¤ Conduct effective business correspondence and prepare business reports which produce results.

AcademivIcon00_aboutus.jpg Become self - confident individuals by mastering inter-personal skills, team management skills, and leadership skills.

Develop all - round personalities with a mature outlook to function effectively in different circumstances.

Develop broad career plans, evaluate the employment market, identify the organizations to get good placement, match the job requirements and skill sets.

Take part effectively in various selection procedures adopted by the recruiters.

Softskills lab modules

¤ The following Course Content is prescribed for the Soft Skills Lab

¤ Functional English

¤ Starting a conversation - responding appropriately and relevantly - using the right body      language - role play in different situations.

¤ Vocabulary building - Synonyms and antonyms, word roots, one-word substitutes,       prefixes and suffixes, study of word origin, analogy, idioms and phrases.

¤ Group Discussion - Dynamics of group discussion, intervention, summarizing, modulation    of voice, body language, relevance, fluency and coherence.

¤ Aspects of Interpersonal Communication - Personal grooming, body language,          assertiveness, negotiation skills

¤ Presentation Skills - Understanding the audience, Planning & Organizing the content,          Setting expectation, Using visuals, Using numbers.

¤ Career planning Goal Defining, SWOT Analysis, Time Management & Stress Management

¤ Interview Skills concept and process, pre-interview planning, opening strategies,            answering strategies, interview through tele and video-conferencing.

¤ Resume writing structure and presentation, planning, defining the career objective, projecting ones strengths and skill-sets, summary, formats and styles, letter-writing.

¤ Listening Comprehension

¤ Different types of Listening, Top - Down Approach, Bottom - up Approach.

¤ Reading comprehension - reading for facts, guessing meanings from context, scanning, skimming, inferring meaning, critical reading.

¤ Technical Report writing - Types of formats and styles, subject matter - organization, clarity, coherence and style, planning, data-collection, tools, analysis.

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