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English Language Lab

Academic Icon's English Language lab for colleges is developed to deliver results and add value for educators, students and institutions of learning.

AcademicIcon00_aboutus.jpg A single unit of Academic Icon's English Language Lab consists of one Instructor Module connected across a local area network or LAN to a minimum of ten Student Modules. One unit can be expanded to include a maximum of 50 student modules.


English Language Lab is a network based teaching software designed to improve teaching environment in the computer labs. English Language Lab enables a teacher to remotely control, monitor, broadcast, and assist students in teacher PC directly. With powerful functions and friendly user interface, English Language Lab not only facilitates the teaching process but also brings fun and efficiency to learning.


As each student has his/her own console with a headset they have one of the main advantages of practicing on their own i.e. in other words privacy. So they can do their pronunciation, listening, reading, writing & speaking comfortably on their own.

English Lab has Two Modules- Student Module and Teacher Module Console.

Student Module Covers :

¤ Phonetics ¤ Practicing Vowels ¤ Practicing Consonants
¤ Practicing Accent, Rhythm and Intonation ¤ Wave Analyser ¤ Word Dictionary
¤ Word / Sentence Pronunciation ¤ Listening Skills ¤ Writing Skills (Essay Writing, Letter Writing,Report Writing)
¤ Presentation Skills ¤ Telephoning Skills ¤ JAM (Just A Minute)
¤ Dictation ¤ Public Speech ¤ Short Stories/Small Talk
¤ Describing Objects/ Situations/ People ¤ Idioms ¤ Resume Preparation
¤ Interview Skills ¤ Group Discussions ¤ Debates
¤ Role play/ Situation Dialogues ¤ Giving Directions ¤ Career Development

Teacher Console Facilitates:

¤ External Links ¤ Voice Chat ¤ Text Chat
¤ Video Chat ¤ Voice Conference ¤ Recording the Conversation
¤ Broadcast ¤ Instant Messaging ¤ Task Manager
¤ Student Information ¤ Student Lock/ Unlock ¤ Student Logoff/ Restart/ Shutdown
¤ Student Scanner ¤ Student Keyboard/ Mouse Controls ¤ View Student Desktop
¤ Student Desktop Control ¤ Send Teacher Desktop ¤ Control Panel

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