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Career Test

Take 5 Career Tests


Academic Icon Experts shall conduct 5 career tests according to the industry requirements and standards to evaluate students and share the reports with the companies to enable them to recruit the academic icon certified student.

Students can take 5 career tests in their annual subscription and academic icon shall calculate the average scores of all 5 tests and a certification will be awarded and all certified students will be assisted into the placement season of academic icon.

Career Tests Location

Students will be intimated in advance about the location of the tests according to the number of students taking the tests. A prior notice would be given to the students about the location like their respective college or any other venue in their cities or at academic icon's location. According to the convenience, students can avail the opportunity and take tests.

Expert Evaluation

Academic Icon Experts shall evaluate the performance of the students on the career tests and a feedback report shall be shared with the students immediately after the test.

Experts shall calculate average best scores of the tests and the report will be share with the recruiting companies and clients of academic icon.